Environment is the key to the existence of life on earth. But there is a drastic environment change due to global warming, excessive pollution, industrialization, etc. The natural environment is a gift of nature and we need to conserve it for the benefit of living in the future. Environment is the sole factor for the existence of life on earth. Without it, there can be no life on earth. In our solar system, there are other big planets but, have no life due to lack of environment. Hence, even scientists are working on only Mars to create life on it as it has some suitable environment. This shows the importance of environment for life & existence.

Environmental awareness is an integral part of OY.S.T.E.R. .oyster campaigns to protect India’s forests, for clean air and water, to promote renewable energy especially solar power, to prevent dangerous impacts of climate change and nuclear power. On environment awareness, OYSTER has conducted many programmes such as "GO SOLAR" in co-ordination with lions club, tree plantation every year on the occasion of state project “Telangana Ku Haritaharam" and participated “JALAM-JEEVAM" campaign with the support of HMWSSB Telangana State to create awareness on water conservation and Rain Water Harvesting.

OYSTER Organizing Awareness Programs On SwachhBharathTo Clean And Green Society.



Organization by Youth for Social Transformation and Environmental Recoup} is a social responsibility based registered Non-Governmental Organization founded in the year 2009.


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